Spirit World
   See Other Worlds; Spirits.

Historical dictionary of shamanism. . 2007.

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  • Spirit world — may refer to:* Spirit world (spiritualism) * Spirit world (Latter Day Saints) * * In Hare Krishna contexts, the Vaikunta planets or the Goloka Vrindavana planet are often referred to as the spiritual world or the spiritual sky . * The Spirit… …   Wikipedia

  • spirit world — noun any imaginary place where spiritual beings (demons or fairies or angels or the like) abide science has emptied the spirit world of its former inhabitants • Hypernyms: ↑imaginary place, ↑mythical place, ↑fictitious place * * * spirit world… …   Useful english dictionary

  • spirit world — Synonyms and related words: bodilessness, ghostliness, immateriality, immaterialness, impalpability, imponderability, incorporeality, incorporeity, inextension, intangibility, nonexteriority, occult phenomena, occultism, otherworldliness,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Spirit world (Mormonism) — Latter Day Saint beliefs = In Latter Day Saints theology, the term spirit world refers to the realm where the spirits of the dead await the Resurrection. In LDS thought, this spirit world is divided into at least two conditions: Paradise and… …   Wikipedia

  • Spirit world (spiritualism) — This page covers the concept of the spirit world as purveyed by Spiritualism, as differentiated from Spiritism.HistoryAccording to the doctrine of Spiritualism, spirits constitute or inhabit a world in itself; this world is called the Spirit… …   Wikipedia

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  • world — noun 1 the earth/its people ADJECTIVE ▪ known ▪ a medieval map of the known world ▪ entire, whole VERB + WORLD ▪ create …   Collocations dictionary

  • spirit — 1. noun /ˈspɪɹɪt,ˈspiɹɪt,ˈspɪɹɪt/ a) The undying essence of a human. The soul. School spirit is at an all time high. b) A supernatural being, often but not exclusively without physical form; ghost, fairy, angel …   Wiktionary

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